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 Monk Application

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Monk Application Empty
PostSubject: Monk Application   Monk Application EmptySat Feb 18, 2017 11:03 pm

Main's Name: Kirak
Main's Class: Monk
Giant/Dragon Faction:Giant
Alternate Characters (Class/Level):Shaman 65
Quests done (MainQuest Augment, Faction Augment, Combine Armor, Giant/Dragon Augment, Vah, PoLore etc):MQ up to High Seeker, Fresh 65 working on Faction Auc atm, then plan to start on Deity and then Vah

Sponsors (if you know anyone in <Seven Virtues> already, tell us!): I do! Daneries

1. When do you play and where are you from? How many raids do you presume to be able to attend a week? I play as of right now everyday. I'm in the USA based in Mountain Time Zone. I can attend at most 2 or 3 raids a week.

2. Experience - What raid experience do you have on SoD, if any? If you played live and raided, you can give us info on that too. Tell us what classes this experience is with. ~ I played live for 14 year so I have plenty of experience there, however on SoD i'm pretty new to raiding, only have done a couple raids so far in CoD and DHK.

3. Guild History – What guilds have you been in? Dominus Invictus.

4. Other - stuff about your self that you might want to add, or why you want to join <Seven Virtues>, etc...

I have played SoD for about 3 years now, mostly Adept hunting on my duo Monk/Shaman as I leveled. Having just recently hit 65 on both characters I would really like to see what SoD has to offer post 65. I have made the decision to focus on my Monk as I am really enjoying that class, and would like to see how far I can take him, while making new friends and experiencing the unique content SoD has to offer post 65.

If there are any other questions, I'd be more than willing to answer them. In the mean time, I look forward to hearing from <Seven Virtues>.

Blessed Be!
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Monk Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Monk Application   Monk Application EmptyMon Feb 20, 2017 4:55 am


I will try to send you some messages when i get online today from stellaa / latten
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Monk Application
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