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 Monk, Druid, Bard and Cleric

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Monk, Druid, Bard and Cleric Empty
PostSubject: Monk, Druid, Bard and Cleric   Monk, Druid, Bard and Cleric EmptyMon Sep 26, 2016 10:29 am

Main's Name:
Fedodo / Kimb

Main's Class:
Monk / Bard

Check formelo Wink

Giant/Dragon Faction:

Alternate Characters (Class/Level):
Quests done (MainQuest Augment, Faction Augment, Combine Armor, Giant/Dragon Augment, Vah, PoLore etc):

Pretty sure we have done all of these, and have most keys as well.


Sponsors (if you know anyone in <Seven Virtues> already, tell us!):

We know quite a few of you.

1. When do you play and where are you from? How many raids do you presume to be able to attend a week?

Euro time, we are brothers both from Norway. I dont really know how many we can attend, but id say at least half of the raids, maybe more.

2. Experience - What raid experience do you have on SoD, if any? If you played live and raided, you can give us info on that too. Tell us what classes this experience is with.

Raided up to T13 before we quit, we probably need some quick refreshers on some encounters but should not be a problem.

3. Guild History – What guilds have you been in?


4. Other - stuff about your self that you might want to add, or why you want to join <Seven Virtues>, etc...

We can also play/box druid/cleric.

Character names:
Druid - Etro
Cleric - Ifrei
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Monk, Druid, Bard and Cleric
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