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Seven Virtues Guild in Shards of Dalaya MMORPG Game
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PostSubject: Returning   Returning EmptyWed Jun 29, 2016 3:48 pm

Hello all,

My name is Riley - some of you may know me as the one who played Mufufu.
I was never an original member of SV although I have been good friends with many members for quite some years, including Snigeren, Hyofen, Erude, and I'm sure many others who may still actually be active.

-- Also -- if anyone knows how to get in touch with Snigeren other than PMs please let me know.

Just writing this to hear from anybody and see if there's any familiar faces. I'm not sure if I will be on regularly but definitely will try and log on every now and then.
If things are still active and up to speed then I may try raiding once I figure out the login information for all my characters xD.

Otherwise, if you need me - I do remember one account info and the characters are either Mufsto, Emzir, or Emzur who are all SV tagged.

See you around.
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