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PostSubject: Returning   Returning EmptyWed Jun 15, 2016 11:31 am

Many of you must know me, but I'll introduce myself.

I'm Miguel and I'm from Spain, also known as Mortandad.

I joined SV a few years ago, when (iirc) Exodus died and some former members of it + remaining players of"old" SV (at that time it was almost a dead guild) + fresh players like me joined SV in an attemp to resurrect it and have a guild for euro players.

Due to RL reasons I left SoD. Those reasons still persist to this day, so I can't play as much I want.
At the moment, I can somehow play from Monday to Friday (some days I can play more time, some I won't bee able to play at all). I can play to my heart's content at weekends  I love you .

I know that with this "much" game time I can't do much stuff but I'll do my best to progress step by step.

As you can see my English is far from perfect, and my oral comprehension of English is low Embarassed .

Un saludo desde España.

Edit: starting September, I'll only have 1 freeday at weekends.
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