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Seven Virtues Guild in Shards of Dalaya MMORPG Game
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 Seven Virtues new guild application

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Seven Virtues new guild application Empty
PostSubject: Seven Virtues new guild application   Seven Virtues new guild application EmptyTue Jul 11, 2017 1:30 pm

Main's Name: Speckly
Main's Class: Beastlord
AA/Tomes: 186/ No tomes
Giant/Dragon Faction: I have not yet decided a faction, the giants and dragons are both dubious to me at the moment.
Alternate Characters (Class/Level): I have many other characters, but no others at 65. I have 3 other characters at level 35.
Quests done (MainQuest Augment, Faction Augment, Combine Armor, Giant/Dragon Augment, Vah, PoLore etc): I am at "Main Quest: Kaezul" I have a Captain's Log necessary to finish the quest however. I have not started any of the other quests listed.

Sponsors (if you know anyone in <Seven Virtues> already, tell us!): I knew Daenar, before he got banned. I have grouped with members of <Seven Virtues> in the past, but I am not too good with names.

1. When do you play and where are you from? How many raids do you presume to be able to attend a week? I am from Seattle, Washington. I will be able to attend most raids, I'd say 5 or 6 per week presuming you raid every day. Unless some unexpected event comes up, I can raid most days of the week.

2. Experience - What raid experience do you have on SoD, if any? If you played live and raided, you can give us info on that too. Tell us what classes this experience is with. I have raided with Dragonkin, Resurgum, and some members of Seven Virtues in the past. I know what to expect in a raid, and to always read the raid messages. I am sometimes required to box characters, which I have no problem with. My biggest class experience is with a Beastlord, and my only level 65 character is a beastlord. I have not played live.

3. Guild History – What guilds have you been in? None unless you count Dalayan Beginners.

4. Other - stuff about your self that you might want to add, or why you want to join <Seven Virtues>, etc...
I am still in school, so after this summer raiding might be a little more difficult, but I will figure that out when it comes time. I learn things in this game quickly, I need only to be explained to once if I don't know how to do something. I am also a patient person, so if there is any inconvenience, I will either wait or try to fix the situation. I like to be friendly with people in raids, and initiate conversations if not too busy, even with people I don't really know. I view it as a way to get to better know the people around me. I am eagerly awaiting a response informing me of either acceptance or rejection; I am really looking forward to joining this guild and it seems to be the friendliest and/or best guild I have seen so far.
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Seven Virtues new guild application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Seven Virtues new guild application   Seven Virtues new guild application EmptyWed Jul 12, 2017 5:37 pm

dude has my vote.
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Seven Virtues new guild application
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