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Seven Virtues Guild in Shards of Dalaya MMORPG Game
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 Some Paladin

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PostSubject: Some Paladin   Some Paladin EmptySat Mar 18, 2017 3:42 am

Main's Name: Takeda
Main's Class: Paladin
AA/Tomes: 240/none
Giant/Dragon Faction: whatever guilds on
Alternate Characters (Class/Level):
Nausikaa – Wizard 65/25 AA’s

Quests done (MainQuest Augment, Faction Augment, Combine Armor, Giant/Dragon Augment, Vah, PoLore etc):
Just finishing up Seekers on both of them (put it off for a long time, but it’s actually quite short) Started Deity quest, no combine, giant/dragon, vah or Polore, Murk factioned on Tak .


Sponsors (if you know anyone in <Seven Virtues> already, tell us!):
Hang out with daneries a lot, also periodically talk to jaro (jaraben etc.), grouped stuff with a lot of seven virtues toons. Done a little bit of PUG/group stuff with seven virtues peeps intermittently.

1. When do you play and where are you from? How many raids do you presume to be able to attend a week?

Know I can always make Sunday, I’m pretty sure I can make a Monday but likely not Wednesday. Outside of those midday time slots I’m on probably 3-5 days out of the week for at least a couple hours and most Friday, and Saturdays. In school at the moment when quarter ends in 10 weeks will be free most of the summer and able to raid all three days plus probably do stuff in the week. I am currently on the west coast (California) so all of morning raids are early for me (like 10 AM).

2. Experience - What raid experience do you have on SoD, if any? If you played live and raided, you can give us info on that too. Tell us what classes this experience is with.

So not a ton of experience, Jump on any pug that’ll have me, would very much like to raid and learn the whole raid game of SoD, missed out on some of that experience my first time around. I played several years ago (like 2007-2009) for a while and played live back in high school but never got to much of the late game content. Played a paladin and a druid on live. Totally down to learn the ins and outs of different classes.

3. Guild History – What guilds have you been in?
- I started a guild a while ago <Dominus Invictus>, to whoever manages seven virtues, you have my sympathies. You are a master of herding cats. To who ever is interested I can tell you more if you’re curious.

4. Other - stuff about your self that you might want to add, or why you want to join <Seven Virtues>, etc.

- You guys are active on the server, there are usually people on when I log, pretty much all of the seven virtues people I’ve encountered have been good folks.
- I very much want to raid with some degree of regularity,
- Open to playing classes that are needed, and learning different classes, I’m flexible to playing other toons for harder content or potentially making a new toons to fill a niche.
-       Know you have two very fine paladins in your guild (apros, and jaro) very fond of the class, would like to play a paladin if possible.
- Hit me up to chat whatever you decide to do, would always like to know more 7 virtues peeps.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Paladin   Some Paladin EmptySat Mar 18, 2017 9:17 am

Takeda is a helpful guy who already reads guild chat on Daneries Smile
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Some Paladin
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