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 Xorauj application

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PostSubject: Xorauj application   Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:28 am

102 aa's

338 aa's

MQ Aug complete, low level faction Aug, no combine armor, no vah

1. I get home at 4-5 on weekdays, from united states, i could attend probably 2 a week

2. I've raided from t1-12, ive played on other peoples characters on higher tiers. i have experience w cleric, mage and bard. Most raids are pugs.

3. Ive been in sod Illuminati

4. I want to join seven virtues because this server is very underpopulated and most people i used to play with aren't online anymore. looking to meet new people to play this game with. raid loot is nice but i don't really care if you guys don't want me cause of my low level in raids. i'm down with whatever.
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Xorauj application
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